The following lexicon resumes most of the types of trail conditions you may encounter during winter.  We may add more relevant adjectives in the future to complete the lexicon.

  • Spring

  • Minimal

  • Acceptable

  • Good

  • Very good

  • Excellent

  • Fairy Tale



Spring*: Often occurs during thaw. Soft snow, trails are icy at some places. May see a few meters of trails with no snow.

Minimal*: Occurs at beginning of season or after thaw. Trails are icy in some places and less deep than usual. Not much snow in general, but overall still enjoyable.

*Spring and minimal: When you buy a daily pass in these conditions, we will give you a free entry for a future visit since we consider these conditions to be below our standards.

Acceptable: Enough snow. Tracks are visible on all the trails. Possibility of icy tracks in some places.

Good: Enough snow. Nice tracks on the majority of the trails.

Very good: More than enough snow. Nice tracks on all the trails.

Excellent: Abundant snow. Nice dense tracks on all the trails. Ideal weather for skiing.

Fairy tale: Excellent conditions AND a majestic scenery in the trees. Ideal weather for skiing.

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