Open since summer of 2015, the footgolf course seduced families as well as soccer players and workers looking for a fun sport with a fast game play.

Footgolf is a hybrid between soccer and golf. While following the same rules as golf, the player replaces the clubs and golf ball by a soccer ball. The targets are made of 21 inch aluminum cups. As a bonus, footgolf plays in groups of up to 6 people.

Entry Fees


16 years and over



5 to 15 years old


Group of 4


Group of 6


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  • Do not dribble with the ball around the clubhouse. The sound could distract the golfers.

  • Do not run or yell on the course.

  • If the group in front of you is playing golf, wait for them to finish their hole before you kick the ball off the tee.

  • Footgolf is available on Les Cèdres.

  • The dress code is the same as golf.

  • The group must have only footgolf players. No golfers.

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